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The aim of the game? Clean, glowing and hydrated skin.

"I absolutely love our Completely Clean cleanser for removing my makeup including stubborn mascara before I go to bed. It leaves my skin cleansed and feeling fresh without stripping my natural oils. The QC day cream gives me a boost of hydration and with Manuka Glow on top I really feel like my skin is healthy and hydrated." - Emily

Completely Clean Cleanser (100g)
Manuka Glow (30ml)
Beetox Dusk Luxury Lifting Face Mask (50g)
The Queen's Collection Water Boosting Honey Day Shield (50g)


1. Cleanse. Rich in antioxidants, this gentle, soap-free facial cleanser balances the skin’s pH, and purifies skin as it lifts away makeup, dirt, and impurities while you wash. Emily uses Completely Clean in the morning to set her up for the day and cleanse her skin after a good nights sleep. 

2. Moisturise. Emily uses The Queen's Collection Water Boosting Honey Day Shield to lighten, brighten and fortify skin while replenishing vitamins and antioxidants. She massages 1-2 pumps onto face, neck and décolletage to give her makeup a beautiful base while nourishing the skin underneath.

1. Cleanse. Emily uses Completely Clean to remove stubborn mascara and makeup from the day. With a deep cleansing base of Kaolin and UMF™ 12+ Mānuka honey, Completely Clean will leave your skin feeling calm, balanced, and refreshed. 

 2. Nourish. Reveal firmer, more beautiful looking skin that is naturally radiant with Beetox Dusk. Perfect for after removing makeup and grime from the day to give a luxury boost of deep hydration. This high-potency bee venom face mask has been formulated to visibly smooth the appearance of stress lines and wrinkles, while Sea Mayweed and Rosehip oil encourages collagen and elastin production for a youthful glow.

 3. Glow. Mānuka Glow Manuka and Hemp Face Oil is packed full of oils like mānuka, hemp, evening primrose and jojoba to brighten and rejuvenate your skin's natural beauty. Mānuka Glow delivers calming moisture and vital antioxidants for a healthy glow and a balanced complexion, naturally. 

Please see individual products for each ingredient list.

  • 100% Proudly Made In NZ
  • Eco Friendly
  • Cruelty Free
  • 100% Natural

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We are firm believers that nature has the solution for everything, including perfect skin, which is why every ingredient we use is specifically selected to complement and aid the beneficial effects of our hero ingredient - UMF™ Mānuka honey.

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