Yesterdays bowling tournament went really well and the prizes went down really well. A massive Thank you to you and The Honey Collection for your kind generosity. Once again a big thanks. Proceeds of the tournament will be going to Breast Cancer Foundation


Relieve is an amazing product! I have ongoing hip & back pain and I find that Relieve works for me better than other products I have tried! I am even able to sleep comfortably after using it.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone suffering aching joints, body pain or injury recovery. And even though the tube looks small, it goes a long way!

Jane O

I just wanted to say that Manuka Magic moisturiser actually changed my life completely! I'm a coeliac and I get a really bad rash all over my forehead when I eat gluten, this is the only thing that has stopped it. I gave my landlord some because she had really severely sun damage spots on her face, and she was amazed. It's the only thing she has ever used that helped the pain and appearance! It's so good that she told her doctor about it and now he's putting patients with skin damage onto your product! I know this is a long message but I just wanted to say how amazing your product is and I'm going to continue using it forever! Thank you so much


Literally the only thing that has ever made my eczema completely disappear! I've tried all kinds of thing - essential oil blends and creams, colloidal oatmeal lotions, steroid cream- and none ever really seemed to help much. I've been using Manuka Magic for two months( not every day) and my eczema has completely disappeared. Amazing stuff!


Your cream is absolutely AMAZING!! I was suffering from an allergic reaction on the palms of my hands that was driving me bananas!! I think it was a reaction from stitches from a recent hand surgery this year. I had ordered your cream last year and never used it as never needed to until just this past week or two...…...thought I'd give it a shot. Voila, after only one application itch disappeared and I was able to sleep through the night. Two days and still no itch and little red bumps had disappeared!!! AWESOME!! Thank you sooooo much. :)


I have been using your products for almost 20 years and still love using them every day. They are gentle and nourishing and as someone who has sensitive skin, perfect for me. I sm lucky enough to live in the same area these great products are made and the team in the local shop are always so welcoming and helpful. I also often buy them as gifts and after seeing the website will be in to get some calendula oil. Thanks for making such lovely creams.

Annie McDonald

love your product, my friend who went to NZ bought some and gave it to me to try for my contact dermatitis and it was the best I have ever tried, thank you

Julie Hocking

I've been using The Honey Collection products for approximately six years now and are extremely happy with the results. At the age of 66, I have noticed a great improvement in my skin.

I had a rash on the front of my leg for around three years which wouldn't heal even after heaps of different treatments from my GP.  I started using Beetox Body Butter and noticed about 3 months later that the rash had completely disappeared.

The products I'm using at the moment are the Harvest Crush Exfoliating Scrub, Completely Clean Cream Cleanser, Natural Beetox Cream, Placenta Cream, Royal Radiance Jelly Cream, Natural Beetox Body Butter and Manuka Magic.

I have found that The Honey Collection products are really affordable for me and the staff are so friendly.  They are also always willing to advise you on what is good for your type of skin.  They will offer you samples to try first before you decide to buy them.

Thank you for your great service and products.

Gloria Carberry

My goodness, these are the most amazing products I have ever come across.  I love all the products I have.  I daily apply Healthy Hands, use Manuka Magic for burns and scratches.

My husband has used this for his allergic reactions to the fumes when fibreglassing (a lot like severe sunburn) and found this is the only product he can apply to his face for the burning and stinging.  We have searched for a long time for something to help him and found you when I was on holiday from Invercargill at Christmas time via some friends who recommended you.  He also has severe eczema and his skin splits and we have found he also gets relief from this too with Active Manuka Magic cream. I also use the Relieve Muscle & Joint Balm and would recommend this to the end of the world for instant relief for joint pain - beats Voltaren hands down!!

I am so pleased I was introduced to you and will continue to pass onto my friends your contact details so they can enjoy the benefits of your products as much as we do! Thank you!!!!


About 10 years ago I purchased "Manuka Magic", I purchased it then as I was travelling a lot to Asia, where my friend often encountered many skin infections. It was always a reliable "Healer" However, I am writing to tell you more. Last week I severely burnt the palm of my right hand on a hot plate of the stove.  I held my hand over and in very cold water and managed later to Google to find out what next to do.  Among the suggestions was to cover the wound with mashed banana which sealed out the air, I suppose.  Looking in the cupboard I found this old tube on "Manuka Magic" so I thought I'd give it a go, as the pain was still very intense.  It certainly is magic!  The redness disappeared and I didn't even get blisters! After covering my hand with it and after the 5 hours of pain, I was finally able to sleep.  Although I am in my 60's the palm of my hand healed very quickly.

Carys Grant

I purchased this product when we visited NZ in 04 and had not used it.  However, I have recently finished the pot and am amazed at the huge difference the product has made to my facial skin..  Due to cancer treatments, my skin gets very dry and your product has given me back confidence in my appearance, Thank you.  When anyone has a specific skin problem and finds some relied on a product I am a big believer in sharing the word to hopefully help other sufferers.


Dear The Honey Collection, I would like to sincerely thank you for your help you gave me recently.  Six months following surgery a infection left me with open wounds.  On your advice within 2 days of using your Active Manuka Honey Cream I started to heal.  Within 3 weeks I was done!  I have since spread the word!  I'm a believer. 
Thank you.


I don't have a query, I have a comment, or more like a compliment. I ordered your Active Clear product via the website a few weeks ago in hopes of combating a severe hormone-related acne problem I'd recently started experiencing and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your product. It is the ONLY thing that has worked (and FAST) that I've ever used, including prescription medication! Not only does regular daily use keep my skin clear WITHOUT DRYING, but trouble spots go away in a day or two after application of your product!
Thank you! You've saved my life!


Dear Honey Collection, I was given a tube of your Manuka Magic as a Xmas gift.  My mother borrowed this as her hands and arms are very badly marked with skin cancers scars.  Your product has made a wonderful difference to the appearance of her skin so thank you very much.


I am writing to express my thanks for your wonderful products that I have recently started using - I am very pleased with the results. I would also like to compliment you on your friendly and efficient service in the processing of orders.  It is great to find such reliable products and service. Thank you.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful products. I am a carpenter by trade and I work with timber and concrete, I was given a tube of your Active Manuka Honey Cream and have found it very useful.  I was unfortunate enough to suffer a freak accident, which gave me third-degree lime burns from concrete on my legs.  I had my Active Manuka Honey Cream with me and just smeared it everywhere.  The hospital said that it was my saviour.  My legs did not have to have skin grafts because of your wonderful product. Thank you

Kevin Q