Where it all began....

Our story is one of love and inspiration;

A love affair with Mānuka honey; and several sparks of genius which has helped us to formulate our range of unique Mānuka honey skincare products.

A Better Solution

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better" - Albert Einstein

Our Philosophy

From us to you

We lovingly design and create our skincare on-site in our custom-built facility. No outsourcing. No shortcuts. We do it all ourselves. With our own people.

Our Ingredients

We’ve done the legwork to take out the guesswork. With our strict ingredient, ethical and environmental standards, you always know you’re making a better choice for your skin and the planet.

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Meet the Team

At the heart of The Honey Collection is community and family. Our team is passionate about providing the very best in natural skincare, and helping you find your natural beauty naturally.

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