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Why We Love: Grape Seed Oil

We all know fine wine only gets better with age. But what if components of wine, like grape seeds, could actually slow signs of aging? 

Enter grape seed oil.

A goodie plant oil coming from the polyphenol-rich seeds of the grape, it's a light emollient oil that makes your skin feel smooth and nice and also contains a bunch of good-for-the-skin stuff. It's a great source of antioxidant polyphenols, barrier repair fatty acid linoleic acid (about 55-77%, while oleic acid is about 12-27%) and antioxidant, skin-protectant vitamin E. 

Grape seed oil is a by-product of winemaking. After wine is made by pressing grapes, tiny seeds are left behind. Grapeseed oil is then extracted from these leftover grape seeds using a cold-pressing extraction method. This process retains the natural skin-loving components of the oil, like omega fatty acids.


 Products that contain grape seed oil can help to:

  • Heal Acne. Acne is a problematic skin condition that affects many people. The anti-microbial properties in the oil penetrate and clean the skin. It is a mild astringent that purifies the skin. The linoleic acid in grapeseed oil is anti-inflammatory, which reduces the redness that comes with acne breakouts.

  • Hydrate Skin. As skin ages, it retains less moisture. The fatty acids found in grapeseed oil moisturize the skin, which can soften the skin and give it a more youthful appearance.

  • Even Skin Tone. Proanthocyanidin, the antioxidant that is contained in the oil, may even out skin tone when used consistently.

  • Tighten Pores. Applied topically, this oil can help diminish the appearance of pores.

  • Reduce Hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation due to sun damage can be reduced with this oil. The powerful antioxidants in the oil may also prevent the skin from fully absorbing the harmful UV rays from the sun.

  • Reduce the Appearance of Scars. The antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids work together to fade dark spots and scars.

  • Remove Makeup. This oil can even be used as a makeup user.

 Our skincare that contains grape seed oil:

Beetox Sunrise Illuminating Day Cream, Beetox Sunset Perfecting Night Cream, Beetox Dusk Luxury Lifting Face Mask