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Transitioning your skincare routine for the cooler weather.

Brrr… is anyone else cold?

As the temperatures drop, humidity levels change and air conditioning is cranked up, our skin can start to feel tight, dehydrated and in need of a little extra TLC. From the ever-exposed sensitive skin on our face, to our hands, legs and everything in between, cold weather can wreak havoc if we don’t take proactive steps to nurture it.

It’s a good idea to look at switching up our skincare routine to give our skin what it needs. According to board certified dermatologists,  for people with extreme skin types - dry, sensitive or oily skin - to better maintain our skins health and appearance we may need to change your skincare regime as much as twice a year as we go into winter or summer months.

Best skincare tips for cold weather

  1. Put down the heavy duty facial cleanser. We repeat, put down the heavy duty facial cleanser.

Although you should still be cleansing twice a day, using a heavy duty foaming cleanser will take essential moisture from your skin that is not as easily replaced in the winter months. It can also strip natural moisturisers from your skin causing it to overproduce oil, leading to breakouts oily skin.

Opt for a creamy, moisturising cleanser. This simple change in routine is the one you will see making the most impact and can often be all your skin needs to adjust to the decreased humidity and cooler temperatures.

Try: Completely Clean Purifying Facial Cleanser.

  1. Exfoliation is your best friend.

Dead skin build up can become more obvious with drier skin, it can even start to flake and look scaly (yikes). While it’s important to focus on hydration to combat this, exfoliating is also a great tool to have in your arsenal to combat the dry skin blues. If you don’t already, exfoliating two to three nights a week will keep your skin looking smooth and polished.

Try: Harvest Crush Uplifting Face Polish.

  1. Your saving grace will be all things moisture.

Trapping moisture in your skin will ensure that it stays hydrated and soft. By layering your skincare on damp skin after you cleanse (and exfoliate) will lock in essential nutrients and hydration. Our favourite routine is cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise then oil. This gives our skin everything it needs to stay glowy and hydrated.

For bonus points, use a moisturising mask at least once a week, something that will drive moisture and plump your skin. Avoid clay masks that draw moisture from the skin and opt for a dreamy cream on instead.

Try: Beetox Dusk Lifting Face Mask.

  1. No matter how hot and steamy you like it, limit your time in the shower

While we all like to jump in a scorching hot shower or bath in the colder months and stay in there as long as we can, this can actually be detrimental to the health of your skin. Prolonged exposure to hot water can strip the skin of its natural moisture, leaving the skin tight and dry. Try a quick hot shower, followed immediately by thick lotion. While you’re there, give your body a nice massage to increase blood flow and really boost hydration.

Try: Just Peachy Replenishing Body Lotion

  1. Keep hydrating

While not strictly skincare, we think it’s just as important as any other step. Drinking plenty of water will hydrate your skin from the inside out and help to avoid dry skin. Hot cups of tea or coffee have been linked to dehydration in the past but current studies show that there is no scientific link (yay), so snuggle up with a hot cuppa and don’t forget your water bottle.