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Skincare storage dos and don'ts

Storing your carefully curating skincare collection may seem like a second thought to some, but it’s important to consider it in order for your products to stay effective to the very last drop. Skincare crafted from natural oils and extracts need a little more care than those chock full of preservatives so leaving them in certain environments can speed up oxidation. This makes the skincare less effective as the compounds break down start to lose their skin-loving properties.

DO keep your skincare out of sunlight

This one is pretty straight forward. Sunlight = heat, heat warms skincare. Warm skincare means that the ingredients in the formulation can begin to become less effective over time and cause a product to “turn”.

Although it’s tempting to keep your skincare on a counter or display to show off your stunning routine, it’s best kept in a drawer or cabinet. Which brings us onto our next point


DON’T keep your products in the bathroom

We know that this may seem like the most convenient place to keep it, but the fluctuating temperatures of hot showers and luxurious soaks in the bath can heat up your skincare and as we learned above, this can be a big no-no.

If your product isn’t tightly sealed, the condensation and steam can also get into the product and speed up the growth of bacteria.


DO make sure your containers are tightly sealed

Say it with me… oxidation effects skincare! When we formulate our skincare, one of the hardest things is finding a preservative that isn’t full of nasties but will keep the formula stable and performing for the lifetime of the product. It’s important to keep air exposure to a minimum so we suggest only opening the product to get out what you need then returning the lid tightly.     



DO store your eye serums and eye creams in the fridge…

…if they are tightly sealed. Did you know that refrigerators have a lot of humidity in them? Which we’ve learnt is not very good for it. But if your eye cream or serum is in a tightly sealed jar or bottle you can put it in the fridge for a bit of extra soothing de-puffing. We love applying Eye Bright in the morning from the fridge for a burst of hydration and to help with our under-eye bags.