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How To Introduce New Skincare

If you're a face care addict like us, you know how tempting it is to try every new serum, toner, cream, and spot treatment on the market in the hopes of discovering the holy grail product. When it comes to products, though, pouring on layer after layer might cause more harm than benefit. Aside from the fact that many components don't mix well, applying too many cosmetics on your skin can cause irritation and even harm to your fragile skin barrier.

To celebrate our new Skin Ritual Kits—complete regimens for the spectrum of skin concerns—we’re sharing how to integrate new products into your routine.

Identify any gaps.

Examine your current product lineup and be honest about what you need (say, a cleanser) versus what you desire (yet another moisturiser) to guarantee that your new addition gets used on a regular basis. 

Understand what your skin likes and dislikes.

When considering new products, look for components or formulae that have worked well for your skin while avoiding no-nos. (Goodbye, super-powerful scent!) We also recommend investigating the ingredients before purchasing to ensure that the product is suitable for your skin- try not to have too many active ingredients together, like using an acid-based cleanser, exfoliating toner, active serum, retinol, etc. If you are mixing too many things together in one application your skin will get red, agitated, and can be more prone to breakouts and dryness

Slowly introduce new items.

If it's a light product like a cream cleanser or a basic moisturiser, feel free to start using it straight away, but anything with exfoliating ingredients or active ingredients (like vitamin C, retinol, etc) should be introduced slowly, once to twice a week to allow your skin to adjust.

You'll need to be patient.

Most products have rapid results, but it takes time for long-term benefits to become noticeable. You'll see more moisturised, supple skin right away if you use a moisturiser that works for you. However, you will most likely have to wait 4-6 weeks to experience the full advantages of an eye cream or serum.