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The outermost boundary of the skin is covered by a protecting and hydrating biofilm. This biofilm is a home for our skin microbiota (good bacteria) that keeps the enemies of the skin out. Sanitiser does not discriminate between killing good and bad bacteria, so it upsets your skin’s microbiome by stripping your skin of its healthy bacteria.

Prebiotics work by helping restore your skin’s natural balance, allowing its “good bacteria” to rebuild your skin’s natural defences. Prebiotics work by feeding the good bacteria living on our skin — they are like a peacemaker, bringing balance to the skin’s microbiome. They create a healthier environment and reduce the risk of skin problems.

Prebiotics help your skin prevent dryness, protect against environmental threats, and control inflammation. Breakouts,
rosacea flares, psoriasis, and eczema are just a few consequences of an unhealthy microbiome. By feeding your skin
prebiotics, skin microbiota can keep producing it’s healthy biofilm and keep skin complications at bay.

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