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Skin care worries? Forget about them. 

"I'm a big skincare junkie and have tried numerous ways to control the rosacea I get in my cheeks. I've finally found my top-five products for keeping it at bay which starts with giving my face a gentle clean so as not to irritate my face. Followed by Honey Essence Mist, Timeless Beauty and Regenerating Honey Serum  to level out the pH of my skin and boost hydration. The final step in the fight for even skin is Active Clear, it soothes irritation in my cheeks and improves my skins texture." - Tegan

Completely Clean Cleanser (100g)
The Queen's Collection Honey Essence Mist (150mL)
Timeless Beauty Collagen-boosting Moisturiser(50g)
The Queen's Collection Regenerating Honey Serum (50g)
Active Clear Natural Acne + Blemish Cream (50g)

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1. Cleanse. Rich in antioxidants, Completely Clean is a gentle, soap-free facial cleanser that balances the skin’s pH and purifies skin as it lifts away makeup, dirt, and impurities. Tegan uses it to gently wash away the day without irritating her sensitive cheek area. 

2. Tone. To restore the pH level and prep her skin for moisture and treatment, Tegan applies a few spritzes of The Queen's Collection Honey Essence Mist to face and decolletage. Layered in nourishing ingredients to boost skin resilience, this lightweight mist helps refine and tone, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and protected.

3. Moisturise. Rosacea can make the skin feel dry and uncomfortable so it's important for Tegan that she can drive essential moisture in to combat this irritation. With Timeless Beauty's antioxidant-rich UMF™ 12+ Mānuka honey and vitamin E formula, the skin is defended from free-radicals, while uplifting Citrustem works to boost collagen production and elasticity.

 4. Nourish with The Queen's Collection Regenerating Honey Serum. Dabbed around the eyes as a lifting treatment for tiredness or applied all over the skin for a plumper, lifted effect, Tegan uses this serum daily to reveal younger looking firmer skin. 

 5. Treat. As a spot treatment to help your skin combat blemishes and breakouts, we’ve enriched Active Clear with the antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory UMF™ 15+ Mānuka honey and calming Chamomile to gently and naturally promote skin clarity. This helps Tegan to control the irritation and redness as well as spots that pop up on her cheeks. 

Please see individual products for each ingredient list.

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  • 100% Proudly Made In NZ
  • Eco Friendly
  • Cruelty Free
  • 100% Natural

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Chanel Brydon

Absolutely beautiful skincare range. My skin feels and looks amazing. Thankyou

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