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Not all Manuka Honey is created Equal


What is UMF®?

UMF® Manuka Honey has properties which is naturally present in some strains of manuka honey, however it is not in all manuka honey.  UMF® Manuka Honey, the type of manuka honey which has the special UMF®  properties, is highly sought-after for its health-giving and healing qualities.

Laboratory studies have shown that UMF® Manuka Honey is effective against a wide range of very resistant bacteria including the major wound-infecting bacteria and the stomach ulcer causing bacteria helicobacter pylori.

The UMF® property is a floral property naturally in the nectar of some manuka flowers.  UMF® Manuka Honey is totally natural and safe and has been enjoyed for its own unique flavour for many years.


The UMF® Standard

The UMF® activity is additional to the usual active properties of honey.  But not all manuka honeys have the UMF® activity and among those that do, the strength varies.  The UMF® standard was established to identify and set apart the type of manuka honey which has the UMF® properties.   
The small proportion of manuka honey that has the special UMF® property is identified by the name UMF®. 


The UMF® standard is the only standard worldwide identifying and measuring the property strength of Manuka honey.

The presence of the UMF® property can be detected only by special scientific testing using criteria laid down by the Honey Research Unit at The University of Waikato. New Zealand Laboratory Services in Hamilton, New Zealand, is the only laboratory approved to carry out UMF® testing.

The UMF® Rating    

The name UMF® is followed by a number that indicates the strength of the UMF® property in a batch of UMF® Manuka Honey tested in the licensed laboratory after the honey has been packed.  A UMF® 5 rating is the minimum to qualify to use the name UMF® and be suitable for treating infections.


For thousands of year’s honey of all kinds has been known to have healing properties. It has also been traditionally recognized that honey from some plants in some areas are more effective than other honeys.  Most honeys have antibacterial activity due to the enzyme, glucose oxidase, which gives rise to hydrogen peroxide, a proven antiseptic with antibacterial properties.  Since 1981 Prof. Peter Molan, MBE, Associate Professor in Biochemistry has researched the ancient healing properties of honey. He discovered that the honey from some strains of the New Zealand Manuka bush (Leptospermum Scoparium) has an antibacterial activity not present in any other honey. This activity is known as UMF®.
The UMF® Guarantee
The name UMF® is a guarantee that the honey being sold has the special UMF® properties to the level indicated on the label. This guarantee applies only to honey from a New Zealand company licensed to use the name UMF® so long as the honey is packed and labelled in New Zealand.

The UMF® Trademark

UMF® is a registered trademark of the Active Manuka Honey Association (AMHA) and can be used only by licensed users who meet set criteria which include regular monitoring and auditing of the quality of their honey.  UMF® Manuka Honey from a New Zealand company licensed to use the name UMF®, and labelled in the licensees name, is the only honey guaranteed to have the special UMF® property referred to in the research and clinical trials.
AMHA has 47 members and 31 hold separate licence to use the UMF® Trademark.  Only organisations with a licence are allowed to use the UMF® trademark.

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