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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Started The Honey Collection?
Jean Coombe started making cosmetics at her kitchen sink approximately 25 years ago, as she suffered from sensitive skin.

How Long Has The Honey Collection Been Operating?
The Honey Collection began trading as a limited liability company in 1993

Where Is The Honey Collection Based?
The Honey Collection is based in Blenheim, the capital of Marlborough which is also the area of the world's best Sauvignon Blanc wines.  Marlborough is located at the top of the East Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

What Is Manuka Honey?
Manuka Honey is unique to New Zealand.  It is sourced from the Manuka tree "Leptospermum Scoparium''  This plant is a small shrub- like tree and grows often on hillsides and/or in coastal areas around New Zealand.  In the early summer around February there is a profusion of small pinkie white flowers which attract the bees.

How Do You Know It Is Only Manuka Flower Honey?
Manuka_Flower.jpg Our Manuka Honey is only collected in areas that are very isolated so no cross contamination of honey is produced. Bees only fly in a radius of approximately 6 kilometres from their hives, so careful placement of the hives ensures purity.
Why Use Honey In Cosmetics?
Honey is used in skincare products as it has natural hygroscopic properties.  This means that it draws moisture from the epidermis (skin) out, thus keeping skin soft and subtle.  Additional properties of UMF Honey are that it is a natural antioxidants as well as having antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

Are Your Products Tested On Animals?
No we do not test anything on animals.  We do trials of products on ourselves, family and any one willing!

What Is UMF® Honey?
Honey_Comb_1.jpg UMF® stands for Unique Manuka Factor.  UMF® Honey has been tested to see what the natural activity rate (antibacterial property) is in certain types of Manuka Honey. Only active Manuka Honey or UMF  Manuka Honey has all of the qualities stated, not to be confused with normal Manuka Honey. UMF Manuka Honey is used in our skincare range.

What Is The Difference Between Active Honey And UMF®?
Both are the same, but the UMF® is a registered trademark that gives a guarantee to consumers that the level of the antibacterial property is what the labels states.  UMF® Honeys has been laboratory tested.  Not all producers of Honey in New Zealand are members of this group and unfortunately there have been court cases where honey has been sold as Active Honey and when tested, it was found out to be normal Manuka honey. 

Is Our Web Site Secure?
Yes we use secure and confidential payment methods, to ensure your security and privacy. Our pay system provider is Paystation and are renowned for their excellent quality in security.

What Currency Are The Prices In?
Unless stated, the default currency is in New Zealand dollars

Which Credit Cards Do You Accept?
We accept Master Card, Visa we also accept direct credit but you will have to add $25.00 NZD per transaction  if paying from overseas as this is the charge the bank will charge us.  Also be aware that you will be charged a fee from your bank as well!!!!!!!

What Happens To Your Details?
We will receive and keep your email address, login details and order details.  We do not receive your credit card details, these are handled by a secure system, 'Paystation'. We will not sell your details to a third party as your privacy and security is of utmost importance to us.

What Countries Do You Ship Your Skincare To?
We ship anywhere in the world but not all our products can be shipped to certain countries because of regulations. Please check before you order honey if it is allowed to be shipped to your country. Anyone ordering products for delivery acknowledges they have reviewed their order and acknowledges that it contains acceptable and approved items for import into the country of delivery.

Shipping Restrictions.

Please note there are some countries/territories that we are not permitted to send Honey to.
At present we are not able to send orders to the following countries.

Afghanistan Cyprus  Italy
Dominican Republic     Ethiopia     Estonia
Ghana Kazakhstan Haiti  
Kenya Kyrgystan Myanmar
Nigeria Pakistan  Papua New Guinea
Poland Romania South Africa
Tajikistan Turkmenistan Ukraine
Uzbekistan Western Australia India
Saudi Arabia    

The Honey Collection will attempt to keep this information updated, but we can not be responsible for changes that occur with regards to importing Honey.

Learn more about The Honey Collection here

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